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A rude date – the nerve of it!

I used to be someone (lol)! As I was a TV Producer/Director who worked on many showbiz programmes, I got lots of free theatre tickets. Free theatre tickets counted as a perk! In fact, I used to blag as many tickets as possible! So although I had a rude date, I didn’t mind too much as I saw a good show for free haha!

To be fair to myself, it was known in the industry that this happened as our salaries could have been higher for the long hours we worked under intense pressure and deadlines. We were also schmoozed so that we’d promote the relevant celebrity on our show. So you see free theatre tickets are all part of the PR machine! So anyway… I got a pair of tickets to see one of my favourite playwrights, Oscar Wilde. It was a Saturday matinee show.

At the time I had taken the policy that as most of my dates were rather disappointing, and I also hate wasting my time, I’d try to kill two birds with one stone by combining a date with something I wanted to do anyway. This was one of those occasions. I’m so pleased I did this as a rude date like this would have been much harder to bear if I hadn’t had something nice to then go to!

A rude date like this I’m going to have to call John (sorry but I always associate names with people I know and when I was in primary school we all didn’t like a John in our class – sorry!). So I arranged to meet John approx an hour before the play so we’d have plenty of time to get up to the West End from my flat and even grab a quick drink. He duly turned up on my doorstep at the arranged time. So far not a rude date at all!

I wasn’t completely ready, I’m a late person (will be late for my own funeral). I also wanted to impress him by showing him my apartment, which is rather impressive – obviously in my not so humble opinion! So I invited him in for a few minutes whilst I finished doing my make-up. Clearly I also had a false sense of security by dating Jewish men as this is NOT something you should do on a first date, take note!

We made some polite conversation for a couple of seconds. He then announced that he needed to get petrol so would be back in a few minutes. I thought this was rather odd, but didn’t think that much of it as I wasn’t expecting a rude date. I was probably consumed by the fact that I was in for yet another very disappointing date. In the few minutes I’d spoken to him I’d found him rather dull and he certainly was far from good-looking. In fact, I couldn’t see any redeeming features.

Anyway, I waited for a while but he didn’t come back. I called his phone too but there was no sign of him. The ungrateful bastard had obviously changed his mind about the date. I was completely blown out. Such a rude date!

I was furious for two reasons. Firstly, I felt he was a ‘nothing’ and I was far better looking and had a lot more to offer than he did (please don’t hate me for appearing so arrogant). Secondly, as it was only a few minutes before the show I had no one to go with and also was going to be late.

I decided to go anyway, as they were free theatre tickets, so went into town dragging my tail between my legs. I felt so frustrated and sorry for myself! Some people, eh!? outrageous!

So what’s the moral of a rude date like this?

Always have a back up plan if you’ve got theatre tickets in case you end up with a rude date like this!

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Share your story and make us all feel not so alone! Have you had a rude date like this?

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