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More romantic encounters…not!

As I said, Israeli men are very direct – so direct, it’s laughable. Here are just a few examples of what I’ve experienced…

On one date with an Israeli I luckily got in very quickly the fact that I only wanted something serious. Friends would joke at me and say that I’d put guys off if I was too up front. I’d say, if this was the case, then good! On one date, it was a cliché, why would you ever say to someone you only want something serious! Obviously, they’re going to tell you they are too, whether or not they mean it. However, to my surprise, when I told this Israeli guy I only want something serious, he replied, he didn’t want anything serious, only a one night stand. So we parted there and then on the street. Luckily it was so early on in the date I was in walking distance of my apartment and we hadn’t decided yet where we were going, he’d only just picked me up!

Another guy I went out with I didn’t fancy at all and politely parted at the end of the eve. The next day I got a text from him saying ‘Sorry but I don’t think there’s any chemistry between us’. Laughable really! Their egos are massive!

Another guy, who was religious, spent the date asking me if I could cook, what do I make for Friday night (Shabbat) dinner! Etc. After the date, he kept emailing me and I realised he was definitely not all there! When I told him I wasn’t interested he complained that I’d wasted his time, I’m a lier and tried to get me to pay for the dinner!

Another guy decided I wasn’t going to be intellectual enough for him. He spent the date telling me how intellectual he was. Obviously, he knew nothing about me or my great intellect! 😉 let’s face it, anyone who really is that intellectual doesn’t say it!

One guy I developed a friendship with, although it started as a date. However, sadly the friendship soon had to end when he started telling me how he’d been having these fantasies about me and dreams. Instead of stopping there, he proceeded to tell me all the gory details. I’ll spare you them! I dated him when I first came to Israel and probably couldn’t tell the weirdos apart so well – this is my excuse anyway! What was rather annoying though was somehow he ended up being in my circle a lot, so I kept seeing him out at social occasions and had to become an expert in ignoring him. It was all very uncomfortable.

He introduced me to his friend who turned out to be equally weird. It also started on a date, then I became friendly with him. Again, I’d just arrived so was desperate for people to hang out with. Essentially he spent all the conversations telling me how wonderful he was, he was one of the most insecure people I’d ever met.

Another Israeli guy I met on OK Cupid and went on a date with, somehow managed to lose his keys in the middle of the date. I’m not sure if it was for real but if it wasn’t, he was a bloody good actor. He retraced his footsteps, then started calling all his friends asking if he could stay on their couch. There was definitely an attraction between us. I assumed he was hinting at staying and making me feel bad by not offering. It was so awkward and I’m so weak, I gave in and let him stay! We ended up going out for a few weeks but, he claims he was too busy in his work to carry on, or so he said!

Then there was a guy who asked me out who I wasn’t interested in physically, but as per usual I forced myself to go out with him because he seemed eligible. He also told me he wanted to take me out for dinner and go to a certain restaurant he’d always wanted to go to. As he said this I assumed he was paying and persuaded myself to go. After the meal he proceeded to pay the bill, except sadly his credit card didn’t work conveniently, so guess who ended up paying! Yes yours truly! Very very annoying!




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