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You have mail! or should I say male!?

Technically this story shouldn’t be in here as it’s not a ‘date’. However, it’s so juicy I couldn’t resist putting it in. I also don’t recommend dating encounters at work, but the chemistry was so strong I couldn’t resist it! It also makes me a bit nostalgic thinking about the old days when Instant Messenger first started.

I believe in keeping work and pleasure separate and have never had dating encounters at work so this all took me by surprise! It was very out of character for me.

About my date

In approx 2003 when I was working for there was a gorgeous looking guy who also worked in the office. He was Turkish, dark but with blue eyes. Tall, dark and handsome – he was a walking cliche! He said his father was a famous icon/actor/model and he must have passed the genes on!

He was a developer and worked in a room with a glass wall, which formed a sort of corridor which I had to go down every time I went to the toilet. Let’s call him Abdul.

Obviously, I started looking as nice as possible for work, a bit like in the Bridget Jones movie, when her boss calls her ‘skirt’, as her skirt was so short. Funnily enough the instant messenger which was the hero of this story, is also a big catalyst in the film getting them together!    

It was also the time when Instant Messenger had just begun. These were the days of MSN Messenger, for those who can remember back then, and it was so exciting!

What made this more exciting is that, of course, me and Abdul started exchanging messages, which got more and more flirty to the point of being sexual! What made this even more exciting was the thrill that someone else could have seen.

A few times a day, I’d walk slowly past his room to the toilet, try to catch his eye on the way and then saunter back the same way to my desk, hoping they’d be a message waiting for me when I got there. I think it started with a very simple message along the lines of, ‘you look nice today’!

Getting Together

This all happened in December around the time of the Christmas party. Usually a time when people get drunk and do things they regret. However, in my case I did get drunk, but I did something I can’t say I regret…

Abdul and I ended up in the corner of one of the rooms of the office just snogging! I don’t think anyone else was in the room, although those in the rest of the office at the time I’m sure would have suspected. The main party was at the bar next door but then some of us came back to the office for a sort of after party!

I was extremely drunk (as it turned out I majorly injured myself dancing that night – but that’s another story!), but you didn’t exactly need to be drunk to want to get off with Abdul. I’ll never forget his bright blue eyes! To this day, I think he was one of the most gorgeous guys I’ve been out with – and, I hate to admit, but there have been a few!

The Courtship!

Anyway, our messages got steamier and steamier and we’d already had a long snog at the Christmas party. The Match office was above an LA Fitness gym. I used to go down to it sometimes at lunchtime and work out. This is where, he said, he first spotted me. I was apparently oblivious to him and really focused on my workout routine!

Once we’d got together we’d often go down to the gym at the same time. Obviously, being careful to leave the office at different times.

One day there was no one downstairs in the gym. I think we dared each other to go into the sauna! We didn’t have actual sex but we did pretty much everything else! It was incredible, added to it by the thrill of being caught! Thank god we weren’t!

Abdul wanted to go out with me as a regular boyfriend. I think he knew I was Jewish. It’s a shame I was so fixated on only Jewish dating, as he was so yummy and who knows how it could have turned out!? So I somehow let him down gently. And that was the end of that! 

Thank heavens for Instant Messenger and Christmas Parties…oh, and the office being above a very quiet gym!

So should you have dating encounters at work?!

They say you shouldn’t and I do believe in keeping dating encounters at work to just the imagination! However, if you know you’re not going to get hurt then it’s ok. You need to think what happens if it goes sour, how will I feel? Do you sit next to the person? is it your boss who could fire you? etc etc

If you’re had dating encounters at work share it!

I’d love to hear your story, so please do share it here.

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