Jewish Dating – Making Contact

Jewish dating

Check into your messages regularly, as Jewish dating nowadays, happens very quickly. If you don’t answer someone within the same day, the chances are that they’re already going to be on a date by the time you contact them!

I’m a very traditional girl, so would prefer for a guy to contact me. However, I also believe that life is too short, so if I see someone I like, I’ll want to get on his radar. Message them immediately before you forget. However, don’t chase. If they don’t get back to you, it means they’re not interested or too busy to date anyway.

Write a short, sharp, funny email but showing you’re serious. Ensure it’s bespoke for the person e.g. if they’ve said that they speak Spanish, maybe ask if you could practise yours with them etc otherwise they’ll just feel like a number on a Jewish dating site!

It’s obvious if you write them a really long generic email it may not be bespoke to them. This is also really boring, no one is going to read it! Jewish dating is more sophisticated than this, or at least you want someone sophisticated. If you need help, contact me as I can provide personal coaching on Jewish dating!

In general, don’t email for ages, meet as quick as possible. This is because you start to build up a picture of someone and it turns out not to be like the person at all and inevitably you’ll be disappointed.

Have some kind of system, so you know who you’ve contacted. There’s nothing worse than being contacted a few times by the same person with the same email! This has happened to me several times with online Jewish dating sites. Once I’d even been a date with the guy!

Also remember, if you contact loads of people at once on an online Jewish dating site and they all get back to you, it’s going to put some off as you may not be able to meet them for ages, by which time they’d have lost interest. Do small batches of 3, but no more than 5 different people a day!