Prep before the date

jewish dating storiesRemind yourself of the person you’re meeting, so read their profile again, just before you go out! This is especially important for people who are dating a lot of people and/or who have searched and spoken to a lot of people on Jewish dating sites and may get muddled up with details if they don’t do this!

When you go through the profile make a note of things you have in common, or stuff they might be interested in that could be conversation starters. For example, if you know they love the movies, mention the latest film you’ve seen to spark some interest with them.

If you need to know more contact me as I do personal dating coaching too, which would help you.



What to wear for Jewish dating:

For Girls:

jewish dating stories
Let your outfit give you confidence!

This is always the hard question for the women. However, my advice would be to wear whatever makes you feel confident, comfortable and sexy! So even if this means being slightly under or overdressed for the occasion, I would still do this.

Personally, I always wear whatever makes me feel good and I want to wear, irrespective of how casual the place is or other person might be. Why should I lower my standards? Especially if clothes are important to me and I invest a lot in them.

The more critical point to remember in this is not to look too tarty, especially for Jewish dating. Men at the end of the day, whatever they say, are very traditional! And more so if they’re Jewish! If you are looking for a long-term boyfriend, ideally ending up in marriage, then don’t go to the date looking cheap or like a tart. Yes, you can have a hint of cleavage but don’t expect him to be really listening to you if you’re eating dinner and all he can see is your cleavage! After all, he’s only human 😉

This might seem very stereotypical, but I’m afraid it’s true! Try to look demure. The fashion of the 40s and 50s was so flattering on a woman, sexy yet stylish and classy. This is the look you want to achieve in my opinion for Jewish dating!

jewish dating storiesFor Guys:

For a guy, they say you can be judged on your shoes, so bear this in mind! Whatever they may be, at least make sure they’re clean, polished etc.

On a side note, smell is really important. I once had a situation where I was dating a stunning looking guy who was really into me. However, he absolutely stunk so when it came to kissing him or being near him, I just couldn’t do it! It was so bad, I even had to mention that I thought it might be his coat and tried to get him to sling this out, or put it outside the front door! But this didn’t help.

So make sure that you’ve showered and your clothes are clean and pressed. If you’re into fashion then look stylish. Remember to be yourself and comfortable so you’re confident. Women do like confident men!



Some basic Do’s & Don’ts in Jewish dating


jewish dating stories
Don’t be greedy!
  • Jump in his car. So don’t allow him to pick you up, meet at the venue!
  • Go back to his house after the date
  • Get drunk
  • Talk about your ex boyfriends or negative stuff, no matter how much you may be suffering with areas of your life
  • Be greedy e.g. don’t choose the most expensive wine etc on the menu. You never know you may have to split the bill! 😉


  • Meet in a public place
  • Try to get him to come to you! Be on your turf! If he can’t do this he’s not a gentleman! If he can’t make the effort now, when can he! Just forget it!
  • Be yourself! but if your’e talkative like me be conscious not to talk too much, it’s much better to be a good listener. People love being listened to especially men on a date when they’re doing their best to impress you!
  • Offer a tip if he pays! and let him offer to pay, even though I always offer too. Or at least, pretend you’re reaching for your purse!


Who should pay!

jewish dating stories
Let him pay!

When it comes to paying, I do believe that the guy should offer to pay, especially if he has invited you to that particular venue. Also bear in mind, who earns what so if he’s in a better job than you and has also suggested going somewhere maybe a bit out of your price league and you think he may know this then that’s fine to expect him to. However, if this is the other way round, and you’ve suggested a fancy venue, don’t be surprised if he’s expecting to split the bill with you.

Either way, I always believe you should, at least, offer to pay something, and maybe pay the tip. Very importantly, do not take advantage and order the most expensive things on the menu or have too much to drink.



Make sure you thank the other person, and even follow up with a text to repeat this. Even if you’re not that keen on the person it’s important to show appreciation. For your own self-respect.