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I’m so inauthentic apparently!

So approx. a year in to living in Israel I helped create the biggest Shabbat dinner ever, we were in the Guinness Book of Records. I can’t remember how many attendees there were but there were a lot!

Anyway, can you believe it most of the guys I knew there, however, there was one I met who I got chatting with who I thought there could be potential with. He definitely seemed into me!

After the dinner he got in touch with me and asked me to go on a date with him. He lived a couple of blocks from me. We arranged to go for a walk on the promenade ‘the tayelet’. I got the impression from him that he was too cheap to even take me out for a cup of tea. Despite me hinting he wasn’t taking the bait! And let’s face it, as someone who doesn’t drink alcohol, but only water. I’m a very cheap date!

Even though he only lived a few blocks from me, he wouldn’t come and meet me, pick me up from mine. No, I had to go to him! So as I’d been told by a dating coach the man should always come to you, and I knew that, alarm bells were already going! After a struggle I persuaded him to meet me in the middle of our houses!

So we arranged to meet on Wed night at 9pm. When the day arrived, I was having some email problems, which were urgent to fix, and I managed to get hold of Google. However, it was nearing 9pm and I was still on the phone trouble-shooting.

Obviously, this was important, and I was also worried I wouldn’t be able to get hold of Google again, so I texted him to say could we reschedule to 9.30pm and tried to explain why on the text. I also asked if he could come to me to make it quicker, otherwise if I had to walk to the middle it would mean I’d have to meet a bit later. He didn’t seem to get this logic either. He didn’t seem very happy and started arguing about this. I had to keep texting him which was actually slowing me down with the trouble-shooting ironically.

Eventually I finished with Google and the first thing I did was to call him. I asked he’d also mind if we could just sit rather than walk as I’d sprained my leg a bit. I must have done this doing some exercise the day before.

He wasn’t having any of it, he called me inauthentic. How dare I mess him around etc. I’m not true to my word! I couldn’t believe it, I was so shocked by his reaction. We started really arguing on the phone (this was after his string of abusive texts). I decided that this was a major warning sign and that there’s no way I should be going out with this guy. I politely said that I didn’t think we were suited to each other and that we should just leave it. Then he went even madder calling me all kinds of names etc and demanding we meet!  I think I even had to end the call.

I’m not sure how this happened, but he called me back and said he was going to drive round in his car. I begged him not to but he ignored me, and did! Sure enough a few minutes later I got a call and he asked me to come down to the street. I really didn’t want to but knew he wouldn’t go away if I didn’t.

I gingerly stuck my head into the car and he asked me to get in. however, he had his little dog in the back and I’m not keen on dogs. If you knew my dog experiences growing up, you’d understand why (but that’s another story!).

He could see I wasn’t so keen on the dog and then accused me of being a horrible human being and an animal hater. Despite being English (we’re meant to love our horses and dogs more than humans!) I do put humans first. The situation was going no-where so I just reiterated that his behaviour was out of line, although he didn’t see it.

After a few minutes I just got out the car and limped (had to remember to over-do the injury a bit!) to the corner shop to get some provisions. I thought I may as well have made the most of coming down from my flat!

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