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More Tales from the Jewish London Dating Scene

I have so many other mad stories from the Jewish London dating scene, it’s hard to know where to start. I’m also not sure whether each one is interesting enough to warrant a post of its own – you tell me?! so I thought I’d just bunch a few together here. Enjoy!…

Prince Charming

jewish dating storiesThe first ever Jdate I ever went on, was a guy called Prince Charming. We had a very nice date. We went for a walk on Primrose Hill. He seemed quite normal and even a gentleman.

Luckily, afterwards I mentioned it to a good friend on the phone who knew him! She said that he’d been inside (prison) for ten years for fraud and was a major criminal!

Mmm, he seemed very normal to me! It goes to show just never know! Thank heavens the Jewish London dating scene is such a small world! although, as you’ll see this also has its downsides.




Two timing toe rag!jewish dating stories

Several years later (and hundreds of Jdates later!) there was a guy who I started dating. I mentioned him to a friend on the phone that I’d started ‘seeing someone’. I told her where he lived and that he was into Krav Maga (the Israeli marshal art form).

As there can’t have been that many guys at the time who matched this description, it turned out she was also dating the same guy!

I told her that we mustn’t let on that we both know this, so when he was with the other we could ask him what he was up to! Unfortunately, we didn’t hide that we both knew for too long as it was a potentially very funny situation. So you see, the Jewish London dating scene is rather depressing as it offers such a small pool to choose from! This led me, and many others, to move abroad to give us more hope.



Mr Self-Centred

jewish dating storiesThen I went out with a guy who didn’t ask me anything about myself or allow me to talk about myself. The date somehow lasted six hours.

We went for a walk on Hampstead Heath, then stopped for tea, so at least I’d done something nice.

The only way I got through the date was laughing inside at this and counting the minutes it went on for – hence, knowing the date lasted six hours!




But have you had the chop?

jewish dating storiesAll this led me to give up on the Jewish London dating scene. So at one point, I decided that I needed to give non-Jewish guys a chance! so I started going on non-Jewish sites, mainly

This is a very nice concept. It’s a site run by The Guardian. The idea is you get your friend to write about you and recommend you. Obviously, everyone’s written what they want their friend to say about them, but it’s still a cute idea.

Anyway, I ended up talking to and having a conversation with a guy about the whole Jewish thing. We even progressed to meeting a few times. As much as I tried to put the Jewish thing behind me, I found it hard to put certain thoughts out of my head e.g. urrgh , he wouldn’t be circumcised!

I can’t remember the exact details but, at some point, we must have been talking about circumcision! Eventually after a few dates, he laughed and confessed that this wouldn’t have been an issue anyway as he was circumcised. Apparently, at birth there had been some complication so decided this was for the best! How ironic. Sadly the relationship didn’t work out, more due to his work issues and that he ‘wasn’t in a good space to be dating!’ Mmmm, heard that one before! ‘It’s not you, it’s me!’.

I’d so love to hear your experiences, especially if they’re from the Jewish London dating scene!

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