Welcome to Dating Schmating Disasters

AKA Jewish Dating Stories – You just couldn’t make it up!

Welcome to my world… of dating. Unfortunately, a subject I know too much about! So much so, that the amount of experience I have, means that I’m an authority on the subject! Rather ironic given that I haven’t found my prince (although thought I had a few times). They say a girl has to kiss a thousand frogs – well I certainly have had my share of frogs!

A friend recently told me I should do standup or write a book as I have so much ‘content’! My friends kill themselves laughing, when I tell them my dating stories. So I’ve come to the conclusion that may be there could be an audience for all this.

As a sort of catharsis, I’ve decided to write up some of my dating experiences in the hope that it may also help other women going through the trauma involved in …

I’m so inauthentic apparently!

So approx. a year in to living in Israel I helped create the biggest Shabbat dinner ever, we were in the Guinness Book of Records. I can’t remember how many attendees there were but there were a lot! Anyway, can you believe it most of the guys I knew there, CONTINUE READING

I know you’re pleased to see me, but what’s that in your pocket!?

As I say the only times I’ve really been caught out is by religious men. I naively think that they’re saints. Mainly because my sister became religious and I saw the changes that came with it and it was amazing. She used to be very arrogant (still is a bit) CONTINUE READING

Wow, so nice…how come you work there?!

I’d been in Israel a while at this point and was rather despondent about my dating chances. I’d had a series of dates that, not only hadn’t got beyond the first date, but that were positively dull. I realised that Israelis could be rather parochial, compared to a city girl CONTINUE READING

A real French gentleman

I was at a ‘shiur’ a talk at the nearby synagogue to where I was living. At the end of it a few French guys got chatting to me. One of them I really liked, so I suggested we carried on chatting in a nearby café. We couldn’t stop laughing, CONTINUE READING

Driving me round the bend…literally!

I hadn’t been in the country long, in fact, it was soon after filming in Sept. I went on Jdate (a Jewish dating site) and met a guy who seemed perfect. He was really flirting with me. In typical Israeli way this transferred to real life. We arranged to meet CONTINUE READING

Such an Eligible Jewish Batchelor…Not!

So what's the definition of an eligible Jewish bachelor? Well every Jewish mother wants for her son-in-law (if she doesn't have sons!) either a doctor, dentist of lawyer. I met a guy at synagogue. He was literally a walking cliché – tall, dark and handsome! He was also well educated, CONTINUE READING

Wow – a Jewish doctor!

So as per usual, I thought I’d found the perfect man. There’s a joke in the Jewish community, every Jewish mother wants her son to be either a doctor, lawyer or an accountant. So I thought I’d struck gold when I saw on Jdate a good-looking Jewish doctor who was CONTINUE READING

Don’t be caught out by the rain, or religion!

I was running out of ideas to find my Jewish prince, but I came to the conclusion that if someone was more religious then maybe they’d be a bit more serious when it comes to dating as they'd be looking to settle down. So it seemed that religious Jewish dating CONTINUE READING