Welcome to Dating Schmating Disasters

AKA Jewish Dating Stories – You just couldn’t make it up!

Welcome to my world… of dating. Unfortunately, a subject I know too much about! So much so, that the amount of experience I have, means that I’m an authority on the subject! Rather ironic given that I haven’t found my prince (although thought I had a few times). They say a girl has to kiss a thousand frogs – well I certainly have had my share of frogs!

A friend recently told me I should do standup or write a book as I have so much ‘content’! My friends kill themselves laughing, when I tell them my dating stories. So I’ve come to the conclusion that may be there could be an audience for all this.

As a sort of catharsis, I’ve decided to write up some of my dating experiences in the hope that it may also help other women going through the trauma involved in …

The Art of the Conversationist

In my desperation in NYC I turned to a Shadchan. She gave me a few matches of guys who were supposedly suitable. These guys surely wouldn't have poor dating etiquette! Much more guaranteed, or so I thought! 🙁 ... The amazing thing is that I'd actually met a Shadchan who CONTINUE READING

You have mail! or should I say male!?

Technically this story shouldn’t be in here as it’s not a ‘date’. However, it’s so juicy I couldn’t resist putting it in. I also don't recommend dating encounters at work, but the chemistry was so strong I couldn't resist it! It also makes me a bit nostalgic thinking about the CONTINUE READING

More Tales from the Jewish London Dating Scene

I have so many other mad stories from the Jewish London dating scene, it's hard to know where to start. I'm also not sure whether each one is interesting enough to warrant a post of its own - you tell me?! so I thought I'd just bunch a few together CONTINUE READING