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Wow – a Jewish doctor!

So as per usual, I thought I’d found the perfect man. There’s a joke in the Jewish community, every Jewish mother wants her son to be either a doctor, lawyer or an accountant. So I thought I’d struck gold when I saw on Jdate a good-looking Jewish doctor who was happy to date me! Little did I know what I’d be in for with this arrogant blind date!

We chatted a bit on the phone, like I always try to do before I meet people. As I hate wasting my time I want to suss people out. We arranged to go for dinner in the neighbourhood of London where we both lived. This is also where most other young aspiring Jewish doctors and professionals like to live or, at least, congregate if they can’t afford to live there!

Let’s call this arrogant blind date, Yacov. So Yacov came to pick me up as I lived closer to where we were going than he did. Now, I was once taught there are little things you should notice on a date that are dead giveaways as to the sort of person a guy is.

It may sound clichéd but I do believe there’s something in it. I must admit, like more modern thinking women would care to admit, I love a bit of chivalry. So when a guy opens a door for me, pays for the bill, let’s me into the car first he scores extra points for me. My grandmother, bless her, told me to look out for these things too. She said if on a date the guy doesn’t let you into the car first and open the door for you then forget it!

Well suffice to say, there was no politeness on this date! As it turned out, this would be the least of my concerns. Yacov was the most arrogant blind date I could ever imagine. What I’m about to tell you here is only the tip of the iceberg!

So apart from all of this, the first thing I noticed, was that Yacov loved to put down fat people. There was a constant ‘fatist’ theme going on during the evening. In fact, this extended to anyone or anything that wasn’t aesthetically pleasing. He really left no prisoners! Just criticised fat people, ugly people you name it!

So by the end of the meal, I was feeling quite uncomfortable. I had made my mind up this guy wasn’t for me. Despite him being a good-looking Jewish doctor, I had no time for an arrogant blind date!

However, the thing that really topped the eve was when it came to paying the bill. There’s always that awkward moment when this happens. Hopefully a guy will snatch it up and insist on paying for it, but if this doesn’t happen, I wait for him to get his wallet, and then I start fumbling in my bag for mine. Actually, this fumbling isn’t an act, usually it takes me ages to find my purse anyway!

Now this Jewish doctor I had the date with had been so late to pick me up I’d got extremely hungry so I had to eat something before the date. So when it came to dinner I think I ended up ordering a tiny salad and as I don’t drink, just a glass of tap water, with a lemon in it – my staple tipple! I’m not exactly what you’d call an expensive date. In this instance, I was a very cheap date indeed!

Before we go any further I’d just like to point out one thing re the alcohol before you start jumping to conclusions that I’m a recovering alcoholic. In fact, this causes me no end of embarrassment on dates and this is what I have to tell them, which is true by the way!

I actually hate the taste of alcohol. It just usually gives me a really bad headache. For years, I used to drink to try to fit in with society. The only drink I can vaguely bare is a gin & tonic. I went to a rough northern town for university, Liverpool. If I’d have asked for this at the student bar I’d have probably got beaten up (no exaggeration!).

Unlike most British, I also hate the taste of beer, so the only option I could think of was to drink cider, so I used to order Diamond White – urgh! But a few years ago, in my 30s, I thought what’s the point of trying to fit in with society when alcohol destroys your purse and your waistline. I like chocolate too much, so would rather eat that and become fat than put on the calories from alchohol. Plus, alcohol can be a depressant and actually stop you sleeping well, despite what most people think.

Anyway, back to the date…

So essentially, my share of the bill was £5 for my salad. But the audacity of the guy! He’d ordered a few drinks and had had an actual meal and he made me pay for my salad! I was outraged! although obviously, I tried to hide this as I took out my purse and gracefully paid for myself!

I then had to put up with more fatist comments as he dropped me home. I’m not saying that he necessarily wanted to see me again, I can’t remember to be honest, however, there was no way I would entertain seeing him. But there’s one more twist to this story.

As I said, the Jewish world is too small. A few years later, I became friendly with a lovely guy and guess who turned out to be his best friend? Yup, Mr Jewish Doctor Date! I had to act politely at numerous BBQs, and other parties of his, as if this whole episode had never happened!

What’s the moral of the story of this arrogant blind date?

It’s important to really think about what’s important to you i.e. do you just want to please your mother by marrying a Jewish doctor or dentist etc or should you look for some kind and decent qualities in a person! Even if they’re poorer they may be richer in their characteristics.

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